Created by 8 year-old Madison Nicole Robinson


FishFlops Charitable Work

Madison has donated over 20,000 pairs of FishFlops® to various charities including: Snowball Express Military Charity, Shoes for Orphan Souls, Texas Parks and Wildlife, Texas Children’s Hospital, and many others. Her FishFlops® have impacted lives around the world in places like Costa Rica, Cuba, Guatemala, and Africa. Madison teamed up with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) to support AZA’s campaign, SAFE (Saving Animals From Extinction).        

FishFlops: Why we give


Since the inception of FishFlops, I have learned a lot of things both about business and humanity.  I know the difficulties of the struggle to create, market and succeed with an idea.  Along the way, I have seen enough success to assist others in ways that I never knew existed!  A few years back I had the opportunity to participate in a shoe drive hosted by Shoes For Orphan Souls.  It was the most gratifying of experiences because I and others were able to provide a necessity to children that you and I take for granted.  Many children who were given a pair of my Fishflops were receiving their first ever pair of shoes! The pictures I received back with the smiling children proudly holding their new shoes was something I will never forget. This was a confirmation that my struggle was worthy! 


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