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FishFlops® Crew

  • Fish Flops — Lips the Angelfish

    Penny the Penguin

    Penny loves the sun as much she loves the cold climates. She spends her time on land and in the ocean.

  • Fish Flops — Philly the Seahorse

    Kenny the Penguin

    Kenny is Penny’s mate and travel buddy.

  • Fish Flops — Pinchie the Crab

    Chomper the Shark

    Chomper has a mouth full of teeth, but do not let them fool you. He is everyone’s best friend.

  • Fish Flops — Penny the Penguin

    Cindy Rae the Starfish

    Cindy Rae is a world traveler and loves exploring oceans all over the world.

  • Fish Flops — BigBuster “Big Bites” the Shark

    Lips the Angelfish

    Lips can be found in waters all over the world. She changes colors after performing a good deed.

  • Fish Flops — Cindie Ray, the Starfish

    Smooch the Angelfish

    Smooch is Lips’s mate. He’s always there to help the Team.

  • Fish Flops — Shelly the Turtle

    Pinchie the Crab

    Pinchie is the protector on the team.

  • Fish Flops — The Three Amigulls

    Francesca the Crab

    Francesca is Pinchie’s mate. They work together and make sure their buddies are safe.

  • Fish Flops — Orkicky the Orca

    Orkicky the Orca

    Orkicky is known as the “gentle giant” and spends time in the cool water regions.

  • Fish Flops — Poker the Stingray

    Shelly the Turtle

    Shelly lives in the ocean but spends some time on land. She created a law to protect her family which prohibits people from harming turtles.

  • Fish Flops — Spinner the Dolphin

    Squirts the Squid

    Squirts is fun loving, a team player and brings everyone together.

  • Fish Flops — Squirts the Squid

    Spinner the Dolphin

    Spinner can be found playing throughout the world’s oceans. He is considered one of the smartest mammals.

  • Fish Flops — Rocky the Lobster

    Fowler the Turtle

    Fowler is a calm and easygoing fellow who has a passion for wildlife and aquatic conservation.

  • Fish Flops — Buzz the Sawfish

    Philly the Seahorse

    Philly can be found in the shallow, tropical oceans throughout the world but Philly prefers to live in and around reefs.

  • Fish Flops — Buzz the Sawfish

    The Three Amigulls

    Sandy, Mandy, and Kandy are the Three Amigulls. At birth they were born as triplets and they are the only pink sea gulls in the world.

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